Free Printable Bird Gift Tags

Free Printable Gift Tags

Fun printable gift tags for your events!
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How cute would these be for a baby shower, or house warming, or other celebration.

 Right click on the gift tags and select open image in a new window and then print from the browsers drop down menu. Or you can right click and select save to your computer and then print as normal.
These are best printed on card stock.


Making your home feel like a 'Bed and Breakfast'

What makes a Bed and Breakfast so attractive? It is the decor, the food, the amenities, all of the above? Is it the fact that you are on vacation and relaxed?  Of course (at least for most of us) your home is not a Bed and Breakfast there is work, responsibility, and cleaning to keep you busy. But why not create small moments, small places where you remember to sit and have a conversation or read a magazine; small luxuries here and there. Here are some tips for creating a bed and breakfast attitude around your home:
  • Make muffins or a breakfast casserole you can pop into the oven at dinner time the night before for breakfast the next morning. Here is a site with tons of b&b recipes. 
  • Have a 'quite time' in the evening. Turn out all the lights, light candles, play soft music, and talk about the day. 
  • Set a pretty basket full of scented bath soaps or salts and beautiful lotions next to the sink or bathtub.
  • Set a garden table for breakfasts, snacks, or lunch.
  • Arrange a little side table with flowers and a book to remember to take time for yourself.
  • Put a few drops of essential oils on the underside of bed or couch pillows. 
  • Put together a game basket. 
  • Have English Tea in the afternoon.
  • Update the bedroom comforter to something lavishly beautiful.
  • Put a large bouquet of fresh flowers in a common area.
  • Set up an 'outdoor living' room.
  • Place a bench in the garden and take time to watch the grass grow.
  • Add lots of blooming potted plants to your porch or entry way.
  • Have a campfire at night using outdoor fireplace.
  • And ask your loved ones what would make the morning rush nicer for them, maybe just having the windows open in the summer first thing in the morning would add a little joy to their day. It only takes just a little preparation to make a lovely memory for your family and provide you with a little time to relax and reflect. 
  • Share your suggestions, what small thing do you do to create a wonderful atmosphere?


4th of July cupcake w/ free printable wrappers

Blueberry cupcakes for the 4th of July!
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For the cupcakes:
I started with a regular yellow cake mix and added a handful of blueberries to bake into each.
Frosted with buttercream from 1 part butter, and 4 parts powdered sugar, thinned with a little water, and  'cornflower blue' wiltons gel food coloring. (I highly recommend using gel food coloring for frostings). I used a large star tip to apply the frosting. Waited for them to cool and then added some fun wrappers I made up.

To print the cupcake wrappers: Click on the photo below to expand it, and then right click print or select 'file' and 'print'. To avoid moisture from the cupcake seeping through you will want to print these on card stock or other thicker paper. (Personal use).

4th of July Tablescape

A picnic basket filled to the brim with stars and stripes seemed a fun way to decorate for this holiday.

My petal plates reminded me of stars. They are set on our blue everyday plates.

Some mismatched stars and stripes napkins. (above and below)

Little flag garland as a table runner.

And just for show some cute little coasters for the glassware.

Happy 4th of July!

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